The PREDICT-6G deliverable 1.1 -Analysis of use cases and system requirements, is now available in Zenodo for public reading. 

This document describes and analyses the use cases that will demonstrate and validate the technologies to be tested in the PREDICT-6G project, and establish the system requirements necessary to achieve the project’s goals. 

Each use case is reported, outlining the targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and analysing the technical components and systems, based on a common definition of the KPIs that will be used to analyse and evaluate the technologies used in the project and a standard methodology to compare the selected uses case. Taking this into account, a traffic characterisation and the system requirements for the project are also defined in this document, as well as, an initial explanation of the architectural and security requirements.

As part of PREDICT-6G’s commitment to open science, the project uses the Zenodo repository to contain and make publicly available all the information and data related to its development.

You can read and download the Deliverable 1.1 – Analysis of use cases and system requirements for free here.

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