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Scientific publications

Zero-Delay Roaming for Mobile Robots enabled by Wireless TSN Redundancy

2022 IEEE 19th International Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS)
Author: INTEL
7 March 2023

Fair and Scalable Orchestration of Network and Compute Resources for Virtual Edge Services

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Author: POLITO
12 April 2023

TCP Connection Management for Stateful Container Migration at the Network Edge

MedComNet 2022
Author: POLITO
10 May 2023

5G-Advanced Towards 6G: Past, Present, and Future

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications ( Volume: 41, Issue: 6, June 2023)
Author: POLITO
3 April 2023

Network Digital Twin for Non-Public Networks

TwinNets 2023, Second International Workshop on Massive Digital Twins for the Computer-Networks Evolution
30 June 2023

Optimizing Access Demand for mMTC Traffic Using Neural Networks

Journal IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
Authors: UPC, CTTC/iCERC
4 July 2023

CURSA-SQ Models for Time-Sensitive Networking

ICTON 2023
Author: UPC
27 July 2023

Disaggregated Delay Modeling in Multidomain Networks

ICTON 2023
Author: UPC
27 July 2023

PILOT: A Methodology for Modeling the Performance of Packet Connections

ICTON 2023
Author: UPC
27 July 2023

Using RAW as Control Plane for Wireless Deterministic Networks: Challenges Ahead

MobiHoc 2023.
Authors: Bernardos, Carlos J.; Mourad, Alain; Groshev, Milan; Contreras, Luis M.; Molla Rosello, Marc; Bularca, Otilia; Frascolla, Valerio; Szilagyi, Peter; Robitzsch, Sebastian.
22 September 2023

A hierarchical AI-based control plane solution for multitechnology deterministic networks

MobiHoc 2023.
Authors: Giardina, Pietro G.; Bernini, Giacomo; Carcel, Jose L.; Frascolla, Valerio; Rosales, Rafael; Szilágyi, Péter; Velasco, Luis; Spadaro, Salvatore; Agraz, Fernando; Doostnejad, Roya; Chiasserini, Carla F.; Robitzsch, Sebastian; Calvillo, Alejandro.
22 September 2023

Aligning rTWT with 802.1Qbv: a Network Calculus Approach

MobiHoc 2023.
Authors: Barroso-Fernández; Carlos; Martín-Pérez, Jorge; Ayimba, Constantine; de la Oliva, Antonio.
22 September 2023

Don't Let Me Down! Offloading Robot VFs Up to the Cloud

Authors: Gillani, Khasa; Martínez-Pérez, Jorge; Groshev, Milan; de la Oliva, Antonio; Gazda, Robert.
26 September 2023

Seamless Redundancy for High Reliability Wi-Fi

2023 IEEE 19th International Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS).
Authors: Cena, Gianluca; Scanzio, Stefano; Cavalcanti, Dave; Frascolla, Valerio.
6 October 2023

Evaluating the Integration of Wireless Time-Sensitive Networking with Software-Defined Networking for Dynamic Network Configuration

IEEE 28th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (EFTA 2023).
Authors: Morato, Alberto; Zunino, Claudio; CHEMINOD, MANUEL; VITTURI, STEFANO; Calvacanti, Dave; Sudhakaran, Susruth; Tramarin, Federico.
23 October 2023

Communication-Control Co-design for Robotic Manipulation in 5G Industrial IoT

IEEE International Conference in Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2023).
Authors: Merwaday, Arvind; Vannithamby, Rath; Eisen, Mark; Sudhakaran, Susruth; Calvacanti, Dave; Frascolla, Valerio.
10 November 2023

Prospects on the Adoption of a Microservice-Based Architecture in 5G Systems and Beyond

Journal article Published in Computer Networks, 337, ISSN: 1389-1286, 2024.
Authors: Robitzsch, Sebastian; Centenaro, Marco; di Pietro, Nicola; Cordeiro, Luis; Gomes, Andres; Sanders, Peter; Ishaq, Arif.
23 January 2024

Resource-aware Deployment of Dynamic DNNs over Multi-tiered Interconnected Systems

IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2024).
Authors: Singhal, C.; Wu, Y.; Malandrino, N.; Levorato., M.; Chiasserini, C.F.
23 January 2024

OREO: O-RAN intElligence Orchestration of xApp-based network services

IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2024).
Authors: Mungari, F.; Puligheddu, C.; Garcia-Saavedra, A.; Chiasserini, C.F.
23 January 2024