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SNS Lunchtime Webinar PREDICT-6G

28 February 2023

PREDICT-6G ETSI Research Conference 2023

ETSI Research Conference 2023
Author: NSN
6 March 2023

PREDICT-6G: The importance of predictability in 6G networks

ONDM 2023
Author: UC3M
11 May 2023

EuCNC Joint workshop: Future deterministic programmable networks for 6G

EuCnC & 6G Summit
15 June 2023

Determinism in the 6G era

TENSOR & UNICO R&D Conference
Author: UC3M
20 June 2023

PREDICT-6G: Determinism and Robustness as pillars of future production sites

DataWeek 2023
Author: de la Oliva, Antonio
16 June 2023

Challenges and Methods to Tackle Robotic Service Requirements in 6G Mobile Networks

2023 IEEE 97th Vehicular Technology Conference
Author: Robitzsch, Sebastian
05 October 2023

TCP Connection Management for Stateful Container Migration at the Network Edge

21st Mediterranean Communication and Computer Networking Conference (MedComNet 2023)
Author: Yu, Yenchia; Calagna, Antonio; Giaccone, Paolo; Chiasserini, Carla F.
10 October 2023

Using RAW as Control Plane for Wireless Deterministic Networks: Challenges Ahead

24th International Symposium on Theory, Algorithmic Foundations, and Protocol Design for Mobile Networks and Mobile Computing (MOBIHOC 2023)
Author: Groshev, Milan.
15 November 2023

Zero-Delay Roaming for Mobile Robots enabled by Wireless TSN Redundancy

19th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS 2023)
Author: Sudhakaran, Susruth; Ali, Ibrahim; Cazan, Cosmin; Frascolla, Valerio; Calvacanti, Dave.
31 January 2024