The PREDICT-6G objective of developing a determinist network architecture demands a continuous cross-fertilisation between its main elements, namely predictability, reliability and time-sensitiveness, related standards.

The IETF has recently published Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M) contribution analysing different use cases where solutions for wireless determinism are needed. The document (RFC), part of the Reliable Available Wireless (RAW) Working Group, is available here

Related to the activities carried out in the IETF (RAW and DetNet WGs), Carlos J. Bernardos was also invited to give a tutorial of the IETF activities in these areas in the IEEE 802 plenary that took place in July 2023 in Berlin, Germany. 

The tutorial provided an overview on RAW. It particularly outlined the use cases and technologies considered by RAW and the RAW framework architecture, including Operation, Administration and Management (OAM) mechanisms. 

The presentation can be found here.

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