The PREDICT-6G deliverable 2.1 – Release 1 of PREDICT-6G MDP innovations, is now available in Zenodo for public reading.

One of the pillars of PREDICT-6G is the Deterministic Data Plane, which provides the determinism as a combination of three key concepts: Time sensitiveness, Reliability and Predictability. In this document, the PREDICT-6G consortium defines how it understands the determinism in the data plane and how it plans to enhance the determinism in different domains. It also includes the first achievements of the PREDICT-6G project and the short- and long-term plans for the WP2 -Multi-technology multi-domain Data-Plane (MDP)-. 

As part of PREDICT-6G’s commitment to open science, the project uses the Zenodo repository to contain and make publicly available all the information and data related to its development.

You can read and download the Deliverable 2.1 – Release 1 of PREDICT-6G MDP innovations here.

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