Dr Sebastian Robitzsch, member of the Consortium on behalf of InterDigital Europe Ltd, was invited to speak at the industry track on sensors and devices at IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things (WFIOT). 

With the new ETSI Industry Specification Group for Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISG ISAC) officially launched, the talk first motivated the content covered with “sensing” as one of the core IMT research areas for 2030 and beyond. It then dives into 3GPP’s work on a feasibility study to natively support sensing use cases and to offer sensing results to verticals, such as IoT applications. The 3GPP use cases considered for standardisation in Rel.19 and beyond were mapped to why sensing relies on deterministic communications and how to achieve that using IEEE (TSN) and/or 3GPP data plane technologies in the advent of 6G. 

The work that underpins the presentation is InterDigital’s contribution to PREDICT-6G on an IP header-based solution on packet grouping (aka Data Unit Groups) to perform deterministic action in intermediate switches and routers, e.g. 5G User Plane nodes such as UE, gNB and UPF or TSN switches in- and outside a 3GPP domain.

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