PREDICT-6G is one of the projects invited to participate in the IAFA#4.2 Interim Steps: 6G Standardisation Requirements that will take place on the 9 of April 2024. This is the second of a three-event series on pre-standardisation organised by SNS OPS, as part of its Impact Assessment and Facilitation Actions (IAFAs) initiative, in collaboration with ETSI and 

Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M) will speak about the efforts of PREDICT-6G in standardisation, including how the project is internally organised to address standards-related issues and how it manages the cooperation with various SDOs. Carlos will also provide insights on PREDICT-6G achievements in the field thus far. 

This second event delves into emerging 6G standardisation requirements and work items in the attempt to harmonise efforts between R&D projects and SDOs, with specific input on European SDOs. Emphasising the importance of collaborative efforts in research and development for 6G, this workshop aims to foster discussions on how ongoing research projects can contribute to the creation of standards.

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