Use cases are at the heart of PREDICT-6G. They are the way for our research and use case providers to experiment, validate and demonstrate how PREDICT-6G technologies enable a reliable, predictable and time-engineered 6G network. Sebastian Robitzsch from InterDigital and Matteo Ravalli from Nextworks led the “Monitoring Data collection Integration with a Sensing-Enabled 3GPP Technology Domain” demo.

This demonstration presents a Multi-Domain Monitoring Data collection for the PREDICT-6G project. It automates the collection of Layer 4 latency and sensing data from a 3GPP domain, feeding it into an AI-driven control plane and a digital twin application. The demonstration integrates the AI-driven control plane (AICP) to manage service provisioning and data monitoring.

Key features include:

  • Collection of node information, link characteristics and sensing data.
  • Real-time data processing and storage for AI and digital twin processes.
  • Creation and configuration of data sources and consumers with specific permissions.
  • Measuring round-trip time and link latencies using probes.

Overall, the demonstration shows how to collect, process and use multi-domain data to improve network management in a 6G environment.

You can watch the demo here and below.

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