At the beginning of February 2023, PREDICT-6G (PRogrammable AI-Enabled DeterminIstiC neTworking for 6G) had the opportunity to participate in the ETSI Research Conference “Maximizing the Impact of European 6G Research through Standardisation”. 

Zoltán Vincze, partner of the consortium on behalf of Nokia Solutions and Networks KFT –technical manager of the project-introduced PREDICT-6G and its objectives, as well as the planned standardisation activities, we aim to develop at the project. Chaired by Rui L. Aguiar, Steering Board Chair in NetworldEurope, the session featured SNS JU projects in Stream B, Strand B1 and B4 

The Conference also offered a unique occasion to learn about the future of 6G networks in Europe. “It was a great event, providing insight into the European 6G research landscape and the upcoming beyond 5G and 6G projects” .

This face-to-face event provided an exceptional opportunity for the research community to come together with industry representatives and standardisation experts to discuss future technology research and links to standardisation developments. “Based on that I can tell you, PREDICT-6G is well positioned in the 6G research agenda by providing end-to-end deterministic networking solutions for 6G”.

Read the full presentation here!


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