PREDICT-6G is committed to the Open Science practices defined by the European Commission to improve the “quality, efficiency and responsiveness of research”.

Early and open sharing of research

PREDICT-6G has pledged to ensure that data produced during the course of the project is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable) and open, as well as being early available. 

Research output management and measures to ensure reproducibility of research outputs

PREDICT-6G guarantees the reproducibility of project outputs by covering the reproduction, replication and reuse research processes. Any research output will be made available to the community in Open Access repositories.

Open access to research outputs and participation in open peer-review

Open Access contributes to the circulation of knowledge and their re-usability, which in turn has proved to drive innovation. PREDICT-6G fully embraces this vision. The project relies on all major international publishers that provide several models for Open Access, with two major options on what license to place on the published documents:

  1. ‘Green’ Open Access: The publisher’s policy allows the authors to archive the final manuscript in an institutional or subject-based repository, before or after peer review. We use the Zenodo Community “PREDICT-6G PROJECT” as our ‘Green’ repository.
  2. ‘Gold’ Open Access: Authors can publish in open access journals, or in hybrid journals that both sell subscriptions and offer the option of making individual articles openly accessible. Articles published under this license will also be made available in the project’s Zenodo Community.

Go visit our Zenodo repository!

Other ways to use and contribute to the open science practices

PREDICT-6G will leverage the services provided by the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE), which is an active service provider of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This European initiative, which lists 37+ million publications and 9+ million research data, has the mission to promote open scholarship and improve the discoverability, accessibility, shareability, reusability, reproducibility and monitoring of data-driven research results, across scientific disciplines.

In addition, PREDICT-6G will rely on complementary open access channels including:

  • The release of pre-publication versions through the website.
  • The release of paper presentations in conferences through the website.
  • The use of social media to provide links to publications and presentation files.

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