One of the main intentions of PREDICT-6G is to quickly harness the multiplier capacity of initiatives advocating for 6G in Europe. Creating synergies with other projects funded by Horizon Europe under the same topic is a unique opportunity to build a real impactful European 6G landscape. Let’s discover one of them: DESIRE6G!

Promoting the 6G vision, the DESIRE6G project will design and develop a novel zero touch control, management, and orchestration platform, with native integration of AI, to support verticals with extreme requirements (e.g., eXtreme URLLC services) over a performant, measurable and programmable data plane. 

From zero power to extreme low latency or ultra-high reliability: the 6G system should not limit its future use cases, yet it should be simpler and more autonomous than the previous generation. The two key components that will allow DESIRE6G achieving these goals are the following:

  1. A lightweight centralised Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) layer, with distributed and coordinated intelligent control employing Multi-Agent Systems (MAS). This functional split promotes service assurance through enabling faster control loops, ensuring the scalability of the system as its self-operation relies mainly on the autonomous coordinated operation of the agents.
  2. An end-to-end programmable user plane supporting multitenancy, using a hardware abstraction layer to interact with the heterogeneous devices e.g., GPUs, TPUs, FPGAs, SOCs. This will facilitate increased flexibility in function placement and offloading while using simple and abstract control plane APIs. It will also allow simpler customization of end-to-end network behaviour without sacrificing performance and power efficiency.

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