The PREDICT-6G deliverable 3.1 – Release 1 of AI-driven Inter-domain Network Control, Management, and Orchestration Innovations, is now available in Zenodo for public reading.

The document discusses the initial functional design of the AI-driven multi-stakeholder inter-domain control plane (AICP), the PREDICT-6G control plane solutions to seamlessly integrate a data plane building of a set of multi-technology deterministic domains. 

AICP relies on 4 key technological enablers:

  1. AI/ML, for smart resource allocation.
  2. Digital Twins, for system and (deterministic) service KPI predictably.
  3. Data Collection and Management, for continuous monitoring of the services.
  4. Inter-domain orchestration for the management of E2E deterministic service lifecycle.

The issue of how to represent the different technologies, by constructing the underlying networks, within the AICP is also discussed, as it is an issue that can be considered crucial for the proper lifecycle management of deterministic E2E services.

As part of PREDICT-6G’s commitment to open science, the project uses the Zenodo repository to contain and make publicly available all the information and data related to its development.

You can read and download the Deliverable 3.1 – Release 1 of AI-driven inter-domain network control, management, and orchestration innovations here.

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