“Europe aims to empower businesses and people in a human-centred, sustainable and more prosperous digital future.

A Europe fit for the digital age is one of the six European Commission priorities for 2019-2024. It addresses the need to prepare European citizens and businesses for the digitisation of the society and economy, while contributing to a climate-neutral Europe.

The 2030 Digital Compass reflects this common vision for the EU, highlighting the importance of securing Europe’s digital sovereignty and resilience. The Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030 sets a governance framework for a structured multi-country cooperation that guides Europe´s digital transformation, while the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles, in alignment with the EU core values and fundamental rights, outlines the human-centred approach and the focus on sustainability of the digital transformation.

Digital Compass (European Commission)

Empowering people, businesses and public services with a new generation of technologies that expand their capabilities is crucial to seize the potential of digital transformation. Underpinned by science, research and innovation, and focusing on data, technology, and connectivity, Europe should set the path of the global digital revolution.

PREDICT-6G spearheads the creation of a secure, modular, interoperable, and extensible deterministic network and management framework that automates the definition, provisioning, monitoring, fulfillment, and life-cycle management of end-to-end (E2E) deterministic services spanning through multiple network domains. 

This new architecture will allow large E2E deterministic paths across domains and technologies, through networks transporting a mix of deterministic and non-deterministic traffic. It will be managed by a novel AI-based multi-stakeholder interdomain control-plane framework. The network will be reliable, time sensitive and will behave in a predictable way, anticipating possible congestion issues, so the application and network control mechanisms are never compromised.

The design of new deterministic approaches is addressed by all major Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs). However, while there are ongoing efforts to create data-plane enablers for deterministic networking in specific technology domains, there is no holistic E2E programmable service architecture that can deliver deterministic services over multiple technologies and traversing multiple domains. PREDICT-6G will contribute to bridge that gap.

The solution will be tested in use cases focused on smart manufacturing and critical communications, but it is foreseen that audio and video streaming, industrial automation, cloud robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twins (DT), and connected vehicles, among others, will benefit from these networking capabilities. A deterministic 6G will change the networking paradigm, fostering new business cases and applications that will help to accelerate the digitisation of the industry. 

PREDICT-6G aim to create a tangible impact in the standardisation community and overall, supporting Europe’s role in global standards, is reflected in the project´ standardisation roadmap and the establishment of a Standardisation Advisory Committee (SAC), responsible for overseeing the implementation of the roadmap and monitoring the work being developed at different SDOs and Working Groups. International cooperation on standards is one of the priorities of the EU.

Beyond its potential impact in the industry and the general digital capabilities of the networks and, as an innovation and research project, PREDICT-6G is committed to open science practices. The dissemination and communication of the knowledge created within PREDICT-6G is helping the project to reach a broad audience and engage relevant stakeholders. Likewise, the active involvement of PhD and PostDoc students in the project work is directly contributing to training highly skilled digital professionals that will reinforce the European workforce. 

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