On the 17th and 18th of October, the PREDICT-6G Consortium gathered for its third plenary meeting in Bucharest, Romania. 

Over the course of these two days, the team looked back at the accomplishments achieved during the first 10 months of the project and set the roadmap to continue working towards the project’s main goal: to create a secure, modular, interoperable, and deterministic 6G network

During the meeting, the partners presented the current status of each work package, as well as the action plan for the next quarter of the project.  There was also room for fun – who said it was incompatible with research? – at the innovation session hosted by Dr. Valerio Frascolla (INTEL), PREDICT-6G innovation manager and WP5 “Impact creation” leader. 

Provided with simple premises and clear objectives, the team was challenged to think out of the box to complete a number of tasks. Afterwards, Dr Frascolla helped all participants to reflect on their different approaches and to extract some valuable lessons to implement when working on a new topic

Hosted by SIMAVI, the Consortium also enjoyed a traditional Romanian dinner where there was time for more informal exchanges that, without a doubt, strengthened the team bond.

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