MWC Barcelona, the largest and most influential event in the connectivity sector, was held on the 26-29 February 2024. It brought together more than 28,000 organisations in a total of over 2,700 exhibitors, one of which was PREDICT-6G consortium member InterDigital. InterDigital had a strong presence at MWC, with a stand that included, among other things, several demos showing how innovation powers connected experiences at work, at play and at rest. 

At Work: Sensing-Enabled 6G Mobile Networks, was the space where InterDigital showcased sensing-enabled 6G mobile networks through a connected factory environment. Using InterDigital’s sensing and communication technology to retrieve and send real-time information from network sensors and devices, the InterDigital team showed how their contributions to this fundamental 6G function can unlock new potential for consumers and businesses. One of these contributions is the PREDICT-6G demonstration called “Novel User Plane concepts for deterministic communications in an ISAC setting”.

Dr. Sebastian Robitzsch from InterDigital, responsible for the standardisation of PREDICT-6G, showed our demo to the visitors of the MWC. The demonstration featured a mobile network for seamless wireless connectivity in a warehouse. An autonomous vehicle, equipped with distance and camera sensors, was connected to this network. Additionally, radar sensors on mobile devices enhanced security by detecting objects. Users controlled the vehicle remotely with a wireless glove, and sensor data was processed in the mobile network before being integrated into an application, enabling precise navigation in the warehouse.

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