PREDICT-6G coordinator, Antonio de la Oliva, shows us the demo: Real time gesture based remote control of a digital twin, jointly developed by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and 5TONIC – Telefónica’s Open Lab, one of the two open labs where PREDICT-6G tests its use cases.

This demonstration shows how the combination of three different key technological enablers, namely: physical system co-simulators, 5G and beyond, and sensing, perception and collaboration in the physical environment, can enable remote operation based on the robotic dog’s gestures. 

The demo has been made possible thanks to the support of Horizon Europe’s Smart Networks and Services (SNS) projects DESIRE6G and PREDICT-6G; and the UNICO R&D projects 6G-DATADRIVEN and 6G-EDGEDT

Watch the demo below.

UNICO is a Spanish programme to strengthen RDI activities to consolidate Spain´s leadership in European and national projects of cloud infrastructure, edge computing technology, semiconductors, and quantum communication.