Use cases are at the heart of PREDICT-6G. They are the way for our research and use case providers to experiment, validate and demonstrate how PREDICT-6G technologies enable a reliable, predictable and time-engineered 6G network. Marc Mollà, Chief Solution Architect at Ericsson and a member of PREDICT-6G, led the “Smart Factory” demo.

This demonstration shows the application of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) capabilities in 3GPP networks, with a specific focus on a Gestamp -inspired smart factory use case. The objective is to move from a wired configuration to a wireless LAN scenario using a 5G network, emphasising the challenges of interconnecting numerous mobile components in a factory environment.

Overall, the demo highlights the potential integration of TSN enhancements into 5G systems, offering improved spectrum sharing, reduced network congestion, and enhanced reliability for mission-critical industrial applications, even without specialised TSN-supported hardware like commercial UE’s or Ethernet-based protocols.

You can watch the demo here and below.

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