Upcoming events

PREDICT-6G is entering its last year and the consortium partners are showing the progress in the project, presenting the latest publications and papers in several events that will take place in the coming months. Here is a list so you do not miss any of them.

ICTON 2024

The International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) 2024 will be held from 14 to 18 July in Bari, Italy. The conference and side events will focus on applications of transparent and all-optical technologies to telecommunications, computing, sensing and quantum applications. Luis Miguel Contreras from Telefonica will present the paper “Reliability in deterministic networks: Comparison of FRER (TSN) and PREOF (DetNet)”, related to the research carried out within the project. The publication is available here.

PIMRC 2024

IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) will take place 2-5 September in Valencia, Spain. Under the theme “Elevating 6G Beyond Connectivity”, PIMRC is one the flagship conferences for IEEE Communications Society with a special focus on cutting-edge wireless technology research and innovations. Professor Carla Fabiana Chiasserini from Politecnico di Torino will attend the conference to present the paper “Target Wake Time Scheduling for Time-SensitiveNetworking in the Industrial IoT”.

ETFA 2024

The 29th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, (ETFA) 2024, will take place from 10 to 13 September in Padova, Italy. It brings together professionals from industry and academia to share cutting-edge concepts, recent developments, research results, and practical achievements in industrial and factory automation. The key goal is to foster the enhancement and application of scientific techniques, models, and tools that support the efficient design and operation of industrial and factory automation systems. PREDICT-6G consortium members, CNR and Intel will be at the Conference to present the paper “Time-Sensitive Networking and Software-Defined Networking: an experimental setup for realistic performances”.


The 2024 IEEE 25th International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR) will be held 22-24 July in Pisa, Italy. The main focus of the HPSR 2024 will be to assess how breakthrough changes occurring to networks and telecom are affecting areas related to switching and routing, and communication networks in general.  Nextworks, a member of the PREDICT-6G consortium, will be present at HPSR with a booth promoting the project with a poster and a screening of the joint demo with InterDigital: Monitoring Data collection Integration with a Sensing-Enabled 3GPP Technology Domain. You can watch the demo here.

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Call for papers: MobiCom 2024

In the scope of the MobiCom 2024 -The Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking- which will be held on the 18-22 of November in Washington DC, DESIRE6G, DETERMINISTIC6G and PREDICT-6G will co-organise the 2nd workshop on 6G Programmable Deterministic Networking with AI (6G-PDN 2). In preparation for the workshop, the projects have launched a call for papers that contribute to the advancement of 6G network research.

The objective of this workshop is to discuss the roadmap and challenges in the technology areas of deterministic communications and deep network programmability in 6G to support future end-to-end time-critical applications. It also aims to bring together academic and industry researchers to stimulate discussions, introduce news ideas and technical solutions in the aforementioned areas and therefore contribute to the progress of 6G networking research.

Submitted papers may cover any of the following topics:

  • Programmable data planes for TSN.
  • Enhancements towards 6G TSN and DetNet integration.
  • Network softwarization for 6G.
  • Programmable networking protocols.
  • Programmable SDN and NFV: languages and architectures (P4 and others).
  • Hardware acceleration for programmable network functions.
  • Multitenant data planes.
  • Orchestration and management of software-defined deterministic networks.
  • Control and management of data plane programmable devices.
  • Artificial intelligence for deterministic networks.
  • In network machine learning.
  • In-network service level tuning and optimization; QoS.
  • High precision traffic monitoring/telemetry.
  • Service assurance and fulfilment programmability.
  • Slicing for 6G.
  • Intent-based systems and digital twinning applied in 6G.
  • Routing and scheduling algorithms for reliable and real-time IoT.
  • Trustworthy edge and cloud computing architectures and services.

Paper Submission deadline is August 15, 2024

You can read all the detailed information here.

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PREDICT-6G's plenary meeting in Antwerp

On the 6th of June, the PREDICT-6G Consortium gathered for its first plenary meeting of 2024 in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Taking advantage of PREDICT-6G's presence at the EuCNC & 6G Summit, which took place in Antwerp from 3-6 June, the consortium decided to hold a one-day plenary meeting. This is the first plenary meeting of 2024, just after the mid-term review of the project with the European Commission and almost a year and a half after the start of the project, a date that undoubtedly marks a turning point between what PREDICT-6G has achieved so far and what we want to achieve by the end of it. 

The meeting was very productive. The consortium reviewed the status of the work packages, with particular emphasis on those that by their technical nature constitute the core of PREDICT-6G. The integration of the feedback received during the mid-term project review was also further discussed, which together with the exchanges in the plenary meeting about various aspects of the work ahead,  yielded a clear roadmap for the last year of the project.

The PREDICT-6G consortium will meet again in the autumn to further advance the common goal of creating a secure, modular, interoperable, and extensible 6G deterministic network.

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PREDICT-6G attends the ICC 2024

The IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2024, focused on “Scaling the Peaks of Global Communications”, took place on 9-13 June 2024 in Denver, Colorado, United States of America. 

PREDICT-6G was at the "Edge Learning Over 5G Mobile Networks and Beyond" workshop, which featured two notable keynotes. Aylin Yener, professor at Ohio University, focused on how the Wireless Medium can be exploited to improve Federated Learning, whilst Julien Forgeat, from Ericsson, shared valuable insights into research directions on Distributed Learning from an industry perspective.

Ericsson delivered another interesting presentation focusing on  Multi-task Learning for AI-native Radio Access Network. The other presentations primarily focused on Federated Learning, covering some relevant aspects such as model selection, model aggregation and Over-the-Air computation. 

Giuseppe Di Giacomo, from Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), presented the paper Generosity Pays Off: A Game-Theoretic Study of Cooperation in Decentralized Learning". This  research, which introduces an incentive mechanism for cooperation in Decentralized Learning, was orthogonal to such works, which still highlighted the need to address the challenge of incentivizing cooperation. During the event, di Giacomo also had the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions with other PhD students and researchers about the future of Decentralized Learning.

The IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) is one of two IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences (ICC and Globecom). Each year, close to 2,000 attendees from the industry and academia attend IEEE ICC to learn about the latest research and innovations in communications and networking technology, share ideas and best practices, and collaborate on future projects.

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The “6G Programmable Deterministic Webinar Series: Architectural Enhancements for 6G Programmable and Deterministic Networks”

The “6G Programmable Deterministic Webinar Series'' was launched on the 14 of June 2024, a collaborative initiative between PREDICT-6G, DESIRE6G, and DETERMINISTIC6G. This quarterly series aims to explore the intricate and transformative aspects of these sister projects, featuring expert speakers who will discuss the latest developments and innovations shaping the future of 6G technology. Each session provides in-depth information and fosters key discussions for practitioners and researchers dedicated to the next generation of wireless communications.

The first webinar, titled "Architectural Enhancements for 6G Programmable and Deterministic Networks" featured Peter Szilagyi from Nokia, Chrysa Papagianni from the University of Amsterdam, Joachim Sachs from Ericsson, and Gourav Prateek Sharma from KTH. This was followed by a panel discussion on the topic. The event saw over 120 registrations, with lively participation from attendees during the presentations and the discussion panel.

You can watch the full workshop here.

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PREDICT-6G celebrates the Citizen Science Month

Determinism, 6G, reliability or predictability are just some of the words at the core of PREDICT-6G work. Setting a common understanding on these concepts is therefore essential to efficiently communicate about the different activities carried out by the project team, inviting the participation of the community as well as the society at large into the research.

With this in mind, PREDICT-6G joined the Citizen Science Month with a social media campaign shedding light on some of the most common concepts used in the project. During April 2024, there were various publications explaining the meaning of the keywords that have come to constitute the shared vocabulary of the PREDICT-6G team. 

The engagement of the community with the campaign was highly positive, including several remarks about the value of contributing to set a common ground to speak about deterministic networks.

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PREDICT-6G presents at the Architecture WG

Continuing PREDICT-6G’s ambition to contribute to the different SNS-related Working Groups, José Luis Cárcel, R&D Engineer at the Smart Networks & Services unit of Eviden and member of the project, delivered a presentation in the last meeting of the Architecture WG, held on the 1 of March 2024.

The presentation provided an overview of PREDICT-6G System Architecture, describing the set of technologies and services integrated across the two main architectural planes - the Multi-Domain multi-technology data plane (MDP) and the and AI-driven inter-domain control plane (AICP) - to achieve determinism. 

The Working Groups offer a space to present the progress achieved whilst opening rich discussions amongst experts. These insights and feedback are extremely valuable to validate the developments of PREDICT-6G and help to define the next steps.

You can read the presentation here.

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6G SNS ICE Podcast: The role of evolving 5G and emerging 6G networks in Industry 4.0 era

Following the publication of the 5G-PPP Technology Board whitepaper on Innovation Trends in I4.0 enabled by 5G and Beyond Networks, the 6G SNS ICE project interviewed Manuel Lorenzo, Head of Technology & Innovation at Ericsson Spain, one of the PREDICT-6G partners, and editor and coordinator of this 5G-PPP whitepaper, for the latest episode of its podcast. 

In a 20-minute conversation with Professor Ioannis Tomkos, Manuel Lorenzo covers many of the highlights and insights from their research on the convergence of 5G and I4.0, along with our best estimates for what the future still holds for us in this context. This 5G-PPP whitepaper captures the collective experience and analysis of a broad range of 5G-PPP projects addressing I4.0 challenges  and scenarios, complemented with new views and perspectives from the SNS JU PREDICT-6G project.

The podcast is available on Spotify, don't miss it!

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Demo: Real time gesture based remote control of a digital twin

PREDICT-6G coordinator, Antonio de la Oliva, shows us the demo: Real time gesture based remote control of a digital twin, jointly developed by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and 5TONIC - Telefónica's Open Lab, one of the two open labs where PREDICT-6G tests its use cases.

This demonstration shows how the combination of three different key technological enablers, namely: physical system co-simulators, 5G and beyond, and sensing, perception and collaboration in the physical environment, can enable remote operation based on the robotic dog's gestures. 

The demo has been made possible thanks to the support of Horizon Europe's Smart Networks and Services (SNS) projects DESIRE6G and PREDICT-6G; and the UNICO R&D projects 6G-DATADRIVEN and 6G-EDGEDT

Watch the demo below.

UNICO is a Spanish programme to strengthen RDI activities to consolidate Spain´s leadership in European and national projects of cloud infrastructure, edge computing technology, semiconductors, and quantum communication.

PREDICT-6G demonstration at MWC Barcelona 2024

MWC Barcelona, the largest and most influential event in the connectivity sector, was held on the 26-29 February 2024. It brought together more than 28,000 organisations in a total of over 2,700 exhibitors, one of which was PREDICT-6G consortium member InterDigital. InterDigital had a strong presence at MWC, with a stand that included, among other things, several demos showing how innovation powers connected experiences at work, at play and at rest. 

At Work: Sensing-Enabled 6G Mobile Networks, was the space where InterDigital showcased sensing-enabled 6G mobile networks through a connected factory environment. Using InterDigital's sensing and communication technology to retrieve and send real-time information from network sensors and devices, the InterDigital team showed how their contributions to this fundamental 6G function can unlock new potential for consumers and businesses. One of these contributions is the PREDICT-6G demonstration called "Novel User Plane concepts for deterministic communications in an ISAC setting".

Dr. Sebastian Robitzsch from InterDigital, responsible for the standardisation of PREDICT-6G, showed our demo to the visitors of the MWC. The demonstration featured a mobile network for seamless wireless connectivity in a warehouse. An autonomous vehicle, equipped with distance and camera sensors, was connected to this network. Additionally, radar sensors on mobile devices enhanced security by detecting objects. Users controlled the vehicle remotely with a wireless glove, and sensor data was processed in the mobile network before being integrated into an application, enabling precise navigation in the warehouse.

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